Report completed, Nursing Director to advise – GPHC CEO

first_imgBaby with cracked skullChief Executive Officer of the Georgetown Public Hospital Michael Khan on Thursday revealed that the report on the baby who cracked his skull on the hospital floor in August has been completed and has been sent to the Nursing Director for advice.Khan said the report was sent to the Director to ascertain if the nurse, who was attending to the mother of the child at the time of the accident, should be held accountable. He explained that the hospital is also awaiting a statement from the mother before any decision is made.“The director will have to find out if any disciplinary actions should be taken,” he said.The mother of the baby Nyesha Hamilton is contemplating taking legal action against the medical facility which she blames for the tragedy. Hamilton went into labour on August 21, 2016.According to the woman, she arrived at the hospital at approximately 22:00h and was examined by two doctors who informed her that she “was 4cm and then 5cm.”Shortly after, Hamilton said that she started to bleed and upon informing the nurses, was told that the two doctors who examined her previously said she had not “reached 10cm yet,” and she would have to wait another four hours before it was time to have the baby.However, she went into labour and there was no wheelchair to carry her into the labour room.“Two steps away from the door to the labour room, I feel like I couldn’t walk anymore so I stoop down, and I feel the baby fall on the ground and knock he head on the right hand side,” the mother said.After seeing the baby on the floor, Hamilton recalled that the nurses refused to pick the child up and instead told her to.Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud had stated that the medical officials should have been better equipped by the third stage of the delivery (which would have been the expulsion of the child from the birth canal).last_img

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