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Where Chairman Mao and Teenage Nihilists Got Their Motivation

first_imgWhat propelled Mao Zhedong to become the biggest mass murderer in world history?  Let a professor of Chinese history answer the question.  James Pusey (Bucknell U), writing in Nature this week for a series on “Global Darwin,”1 was explaining the vacuum left by the collapse of the reform movement in the early 20th century.  A “group of intellectuals” found Marxism attractive.  It was the fittest ideology:Many tried to fill it: Sun, Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kaishek) and, finally, the small group of intellectuals who, in indignation at the betrayal at Versailles, found in Marxism what seemed to them the fittest faith on Earth to help China to survive.    This was not, of course, all Darwin’s doing, but Darwin was involved in it all.  To believe in Marxism, one had to believe in inexorable forces pushing mankind, or at least the elect, to inevitable progress, through set stages (which could, however, be skipped).  One had to believe that history was a violent, hereditary class struggle (almost a ‘racial’ struggle); that the individual must be severely subordinated to the group; that an enlightened group must lead the people for their own good; that the people must not be humane to their enemies; that the forces of history assured victory to those who were right and who struggled.    Who taught Chinese these things?  Marx?  Mao?  No.  Darwin.The ideology that led Mao to murder 77 million of his own people (11/30/2005) began with a view of nature that values struggle and fitness over the individual.  Though acknowledging that the political currents in China were complex, with reformers like Yan Fu and Sun Yat-sen incorporating Darwinian principles without radical revolution, Pusey placed the worldview that empowered Marxist ideology squarely at the feet of Darwin.  Darwin was Mao’s ideological mentor.    Darwinian ideas can produce murderous results in individuals, too.  The Sunday Times Online printed an article that described the Darwinian motivations behind some of the serial killers of recent memory.  “The naturalist [Darwin] outraged the church, prompting a bitter debate that still sets creationists against evolutionists,” Dennis Sewell wrote.  “Now a sinister link has emerged between his work and the recent spate of high-school killings by crazed, nihilistic teenagers.”  Despite Darwin’s personal reputation as an “amiable Victorian gent,” Sewell continued, he “has been fingered as a racist, an apologist for genocide, and the inspiration of a string of psychopathic killers.”  The shooters at Columbine High School, for instance, saw themselves as eliminators of the weak.  Harris wore “Natural Selection” on his T-shirt the day of the shooting spree.  Many other artifacts gathered afterwards, described in the article, uncovered the boys’ fascination with “survival of the fittest.”    In 2007, detectives intercepted a school shooting in Pennsylvania.  They “discovered that their suspect often logged on to a social networking site called Natural Selection’s Army,” the article says.  Sewell discussed a personality cult around Harris and Klebold in certain chatrooms and websites, including a computer game that lets the player act out the massacre.  “Natural Selection” apparel is hot with these aficionados, and “‘Natural Selection’ is the name of a popular computer game in which competing teams attempt to annihilate one another – a sign that Darwin’s term is still associated by many teenagers with sudden and extreme violence.”  Another case is the killing spree in 2007 in Finland by Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who declared in his manifesto before the event that he was a social Darwinist wanting to weed out the unfit.  In his words: “It’s time to put natural selection and survival of the fittest back on track.”    Sewell acknowledged that Darwin himself would have been horrified by all this.  He knows that other great figures have been used by murderers as their inspiration.  Still, he was not ready to let the bearded old man off the hook.  “One conclusion implicit in evolutionary theory is that human existence has no ultimate purpose or special significance…. Darwin also taught that morality has no essential authority, but is something that itself evolved,” he continued.  These simple (and simplistic) ideas are certainly accessible to disturbed adolescents who feel nothing stops them from taking natural law into their own hands.  And Darwin himself wrote in 1881, “Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races throughout the world.”    Sewell is author of the book The Political Gene: How Darwin’s Ideas Changed Politics.  His Times article was published on the Science page, not the Opinion page.  On page 2, he continued supporting his premise that Darwin’s views feed into the nihilism behind high school shootings – and political genocides – because it destroys all moral restraint.  One particular example shows this is not an isolated interpretation.  He said, “Cheerleaders celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday in colleges across America last February sang ‘Randomness is good enough for me, If there’s no design it means I’m free’ – lines from a song by the band Scientific Gospel.”  With a gospel like that, no wonder some go beyond the mere abandonment of sexual mores taught by their parents.  “But wackos such as Harris and Auvinen can just as readily interpret it as a licence to kill.”  Sewell ended by pointing out that we cannot begin to address the issues when presented only with a “bowdlerized account of Darwin’s work” – i.e., a sanitized version portraying Darwin as a scientific saint.  He said, “The more sinister implications of the world-view that has come to be called ‘Darwinism’ � and the interpretation the teenage nihilists put on it – are as much part of the Darwin story as the theory of evolutions [sic].”1.  James Pusey, “Global Darwin: Revolutionary road,” Nature 462, 162-163 (12 November 2009) | doi:10.1038/462162a.You have just seen what two scholars said who were not intelligent design leaders, creationists, or Bible-thumping preachers.  If you will not listen to the latter, then listen to the former.  You heard them saying what the preachers would have said anyway.  Let’s recap the list of principles that Pusey said you have to believe in to be a Marxist:Inexorable forces push mankind to inevitable progress (are we there yet?)There are set stages of progress (which can be skipped; e.g., by revolution).History is a story of violent struggle (i.e., violence, not peace, is the ultimate reality).The struggle is between classes or races (meaning, genocide is sometimes a moral obligation).The individual must be severely subordinated to the group (so you are just a pawn in a game played by forces of nature).An enlightened group must lead the people for their own good (e.g., the Communist Party leaders, who lived more royally than Czars, while their people suffered in famines and cramped apartments or in prison camps).People must not be humane to their enemies (or to the unfit).The forces of history assure victory to those who struggle (i.e., evolve or perish; eliminate the Mother Theresas and hospitals who unnaturally prolong the life of the unfit).Again: who taught the Chinese these things?  Marx?  Mao?  No.  Darwin.    What a world we live in.  On one side you have radical revolutionaries and teenage nihilists killing for Darwin.  On the other you have radical Muslims killing for Allah.  What to do?  Run not to the poorly-named Scientific Gospel, or to any self-proclaimed messiah who’s dead, but to the true gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.  Run to the true Messiah who gave his life for his friends.  Run to Teacher whose two greatest commandments were to love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself.  Notice how un-Darwinian his Sermon on the Mount is.  The truth, not randomness, will set you free.  The truth will lead to a flourishing free society based on individual responsibility and charity.  You will know teachers of lies and teachers of the truth by their fruits.(Visited 119 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

DAOTS 28″ Wigs Long Heat Resistant Big Wavy Hair Women Cosplay Wig – First time wig purchase

first_imgNot much too shiney which is great. I lower the fringe into a block fringe as i do with all my wigs and then realised you can see the cap by the crown incredibly definitely. It’s also quite tough to protect the cap by the ears. I assume it’s possible it really is just not very thick more than enough. Nonetheless, i place on a hairband or some flower clips to protect this and people have been convinced that it truly is my authentic hair. It really is a minor a lot more yellow than the neat blonde colour in this photo nevertheless.Comes in a awesome well introduced box. Arrives in a pleasant properly offered box. I’m really impressed with the top quality of the daots wig – terrific price for funds. It is purple, a quite vivid, vibrant and spectacular color. The cap is a very good at ease thickness that delivers a good grip. The wig is lightweight and it stays in spot properly. The hair is shiny and wonderful searching – it can be very thick, the fibers are gentle, and the wig appears to be layered. It falls in a pure way and is straightforward to brush. I brushed it ahead of the to start with use and smoothed it out. General, i am quite happy i received this wig and will unquestionably be applying it for get-togethers and so forth.Features of DAOTS 28″ Wigs Long Heat Resistant Big Wavy Hair Women Cosplay Wig(Silver white)Material: high-temperature synthetic fiber, look natural and touch softFeature: adjustable and breathable rose net, which can fit different head sizeLength: 28 inches Weight: 0.62 pounds (approximately)Function: can use for fun, theme party, cosplay, daily use or any other occasionAdvantages: more color choice(note that the color may be a little different to the photos because of your computer monitor’s color setting or other reasons). Try different hair styles without hurt your hair. Easy to store and washReasonably priced wig for the excellent – good excellent synthetic – appears to be realistic – hangs very well – really encouraged for costume up. I acquired the product from the vendor in trade for an straightforward and unbiased overview. The products i recieved was the 28 inch blonde wig. The box was we, l packaged in a purple box, with the wig exhibiting. The 8 within was in its individual mesh bag also. The wig appears practical and the minimize it wonderful from driving. From the entrance it seems to be great also. The fringe is pretty long also so it can be ‘styled’ to suit oneself. The inside cap feels protected, and it can be adjustable to match your head dimensions. I did uncover a pair of unfastened hairs immediately after attempting it out, but with the amount of money of hair on the item, it is not noticeable.Wore this for halloween and it was great. Fantastic high-quality and genuinely simple to use, would really endorse for any celebration.Truly nice colour, good packaging for storage. Just what i was on the lookout for for my costume.Lower the fringe in to a comprehensive just one simply because i didn’t like it staying a facet one. But a amazing excellent wig. Very long, curly finishes and smooth. Would undoubtedly obtain a single in my organic color if it was stocked.Fab wig, my daughter has a selection of these in various types and lengths and charges this a person incredibly really with regard to the excellent and really feel of the hair, and the point that it was truly effortless to cut and design and style without bare patches showing up unexpectedly. Came very well packaged n a pleasant box but she suggests investing in a wig-stand to keep and display it on.Employed it for halloween to do wednesday adams hair it. Used it for halloween to do wednesday adams hair it styled well and stayed on all night time. Its charming and thick only point is its slightly shiny but other than that i do not consider you’d notice its a wig.Purchased this for a fancy gown costume for my daughter and was astonished at what excellent good quality it is compared to what you would get in a extravagant dress spot for the identical selling price. It appears to be like purely natural ample (definitely it can be not heading to stand up to shut scrutiny) and the adjustable cap indicates it will fit a variety of head sizes. You are not able to seriously go erroneous at this cost for extravagant costume or cosplay use. Disclosure: i acquired a discounted from this products from the provider in return for this neutral review.Arrived swiftly and is one particular of the best wigs i have ever purchased. The built in cap suits great on my head and the total issue feels soo relaxed.I preferred to still truly feel rather and self-assured when going out. I appeared as a result of masses of distinct wigs and study hundreds of reviews just before determining on this one particular. I am rising my hair out from a pixie minimize and as it is getting to be a lot more awkward, i needed to nonetheless feel really and confident when going out. Everybody who’s found this wig has cherished it, and it truly is even been mistaken for real hair.Someone id hardly ever satisfied explained to me: ‘i’m sorry, i can’t end seeking at your hair, it is gorgeous’.Really properly manufactured, arrive when envisioned.I have to say the previous opinions we’re appropriate this wig is of a excellent high-quality for the price tag the color is wonderful just. Acquired this wig yesterday quick shipping. I have to say the former critiques we are proper this wig is of a great good quality for the price the colour is wonderful just incorporating a spooky hair clip to twist the fringe out of my eyes as i’m carrying it for halloween. Only a single star quick as this is my initial wig and hope it lasts nicely which with any luck , it will with a few daughters around.This is a overview for a product or service equipped by the seller in trade for an sincere evaluation. The wig arrived well packaged in a small, purple box with daots printed on the box and a little window displaying the colour of the wig. So had been you to have a lot more than a person of these, you will know straight away which a single is which with no getting to open up the box. The wig inside is saved in a black mesh bag, inside of a plastic-push-closure bag. This wig is a silvery/white colour and rather shiny. I am 5 foot tall, so it effortlessly reaches above my shoulders. You will want a wig-cap s-noilite blonde wig cap,stretch breathable total head hair wigs cap,for entire wigs/50 percent wigs,unisex,a person measurement fixes all (1pcs, blonde) to be capable to have on this (and any wig really, unless you have seriously limited hair or no hair)there are some good movies on youtube about donning wigs, so if this is your first time, for the reason that you’re heading to a fancy-gown celebration or celebration, do watch them initially in advance of you don 1. I uncovered that the ‘fringe’ was very long, and went in excess of my eyes, so if i was to use this once more, i would either have to trim the fringe or pin it back with a grip. It is really a ‘high temperature synthetic fibre’ wig, so if you desired to, you could take out the curls by employing scorching water.This is a good quality synthetic wig. The colour i would explain as auburn. The hair is soft to the touch and arrived rather tangle free. A fast brush by means of was all that was required. When on the wig appears to be like a lot better than i anticipated at this price level. Compared with some artificial wigs it is not overly shiny, which in my watch tends to make them search plasticky. It is also relaxed to use, even for rather long periods of time. The wig comes with a wig cap, but no comb. Please observe i was offered with a complimentary item in buy to compose this evaluation.Stunning colour and wonderful length wig. The very first factor that struck me was the colour, its a attractive purple color. The wig is uncomplicated to in good shape on your head and feels safe. The hair hangs truly effectively and seems to be incredibly excellent. Its a charming size much too and is excellent to wear for dress up. On the underside of the wig there is an adjustable cap which usually means wig is suited for any age as you can see from my photos. Hubby doesn’t​ commonly have on wigs, was just owning funthe longest portion of the hair steps 67cm so loads of length to participate in all-around with. I genuinely like this wig and would propose, specially the purple. *i been given this wig from supplier for an impartial assessment.The products arrived in time and was just as described.Firstly, i have to declare that i was despatched this for free by the vendor. Having said that, make sure you be assured that my sights shall be every single bit as free of bias as a juror on an global piano competitiveness, whose individual university student is among the finalists. I’ve often been anything a fan of this sort of unnatural hair colors as pink, environmentally friendly and blue. Regrettably, they do at times suffer a negative name, many thanks to the preponderance of extremely unattractive women- hoping to use it to draw the male consideration that their faces and bosoms drop tragically limited of commanding. However, set one on an really appealing woman and it seriously is the icing on the cake. The marshmallow on the scorching chocolate. The sprinkling of hundreds and 1000’s on the slice of arctic roll. In any case, i’ve been having my young secretary to place it on in the bed room and she seriously does look superb. The shade is just about as deeply blue as our roleplay has been.Up to date silver cosplay wig- ice queen – look at out. In all fashion journals at this time silver toned blonde hair is super trendy but usually actually tough to accomplish if you have dim hair like me. When this wig arrived it was boxed beautifully and wrapped truly effectively. I brushed my hair back into a definitely slick minimal slung pony tail, i tipped the wig ahead and put on my head. Wow- the color was unbelievable. Inspite of becoming dark haired and olive skinned it seemed seriously interesting. This wig would go well with all those who like cosplay or steam punk. It really is gorgeous top quality and truly properly designed. It designed me really feel glamorous and pretty all in a blink of an eyei was sent this product or service to test in trade for a fair overview. I would hugely suggest this to everyone who enjoys cosplay.My daughter loves colouring her hair, has had it several colours, now she has had it slash extremely small and missed the long hair and shifting the colour. I was questioned if i preferred to overview this wig and said sure you should. My daughter has a compact collection of wigs and i was anticipating the exact type of top quality, but was shocked when this arrived, fancy packaging and this felt so much nicer than any of her other wigs. My pal was above when the deal arrived and she was very impressed with the excellent of this wig, she has sold wigs before when she labored bash options. The wig is a awesome soft really feel, not like the other ones my daughter has. The within has an adjustable netting, so it will suit most folks. I was even impressed with how very well created this wig was. You could even have this cut and styled by your hair dresser, if you wished it in a unique design. This wig can be washed making use of a shampoo,go away it to dry the natural way ahead of you consider to brush it. Hope you convey out far more blues like. Hope you provide out additional blues like this.A gorgeous glow and a fringe which can be combed forward. My granddaughter is normally inquiring me to improve my hair so i did promptly with this wig. The wig is pretty thick and closely woven. It has pretty bouncy waves, a stunning glow and a fringe which can be combed ahead or to the facet. It has a woven netting cap on the underside with two clips which keep the wig in put. As you can see in my pictures it arrives properly below my shoulders and the lovely bouncy waves and dazzling colour are attractive. It is delivered in a nice strong box,plastic bag,and the wig by itself is in a hair web to maintain it smooth and tidy in transit.Magnificent – and far more than just a cosplay wig. What a gorgeous wig this isfor everyone who is just not sure what ‘cosplay’ implies, the definition is the follow of dressing up as a character from a movie, ebook, or video video game, especially 1 from the japanese genres of manga or anime. So in other words and phrases i wasn’t expecting this wig to search fully sensible. But in the pretty mild blonde model that i gained it unquestionably does, and to me it passes effortlessly for a fashion wig. I definitely like the way this wig hangs, with pure seeking layered curls and whisps tumbling down at the back again. I didn’t need to brush, set or trim it to get it hunting terrific, it just labored for me straight out of the box. It looks superior listed here on amazon in the product or service photographs, but in my feeling it appears to be even much better in actuality. The color is really pleasing also, with a loaded, natural searching honey blonde sheen. Tied up with a several unfastened strands it appears to be incredibly female and appealing, and the length is suitable for taking part in with diverse variations. Underneath is a ventilated elastic cap with the usual hook and eye adjustment at the again, to match your head size, and it will go from pretty substantial to fairly little, building it suited for the large the vast majority of grown ups.Great wig, great priceReally nice colourFirst time wig purchaseGood Quatily and Loads of hairUsed it for halloween to do Wednesday adams hair it Good Enough Qualitylast_img read more

10 months agoMartinez offers transfer advice to Chelsea ace Hazard

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Martinez offers transfer advice to Chelsea ace Hazardby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveBelgium coach Roberto Martinez says Chelsea ace Eden Hazard needs to trust his “intuition” over the prospect of leaving for Real Madrid. With Real circling, Hazard has postponed new contract talks until the end of the season.Martinez has weighed into the debate, stating: “Hazard? He is a person who is always guided by his intuition. He is a realistic player. “He left Belgium very young because he wanted to be a footballer, and from there, he managed things with his clubs that are not normal. He is a person who is prepared to arrive in any project at the global level. “My advice is that he be happy and follow his intuition.” last_img read more

Infrastructure Works Boosting Rural Development

first_imgThe Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) and the Beeston Spring, Community Development Committee (CDC), on Friday (Dec. 14) signed a sponsor agreement of approximately $18 .77 million for the rehabilitation of some 2.6 kilometers of roadway, between Beeston Spring main road and Left Hall district in Eastern Westmoreland. Signatories included, Member of Parliament for Eastern Westmoreland and Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Luther Buchanan; Project Manager at JSIF, Ms Celia Dillon; President of the Beeston Spring CDC, Astil Gage; President and Vice President of the Mountain Heights Community Club in Left Hall District, Ms Inez Kerr and Mr Joel Gayle, respectively. Addressing the signing ceremony held at the Salem Primary and Junior High School, in Beeston Spring, Minister of State Buchanan, said the government sees rural development as critical to national development, adding that structured rural development is of paramount importance to curbing overcrowding in urban centres. “The truth is, that with infrastructural upgrades such as this one, communities like Beeston Spring has an opportunity now to expand your tourism product,” he stated. He noted that the value of the lands within the beneficiary communities will also rise with the newly added infrastructural improvement, noting that the overall economic potential of the area and its residents will be improved. Meanwhile, Ms Dillon pointed out that the project is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Government of Jamaica (GoJ) through the Community Investment Project (CIP) programme.  She noted that the project was given priority because the area is a recognised farming area, with a Social Development Commission (SDC) community profile showing that approximately 57 per cent of the residents practice farming, both for economic gain and for subsistence. Ms Dillon explained that the present project represents the completion of another project started in 2004, which was discontinued due to expiration of funding. The project will see 1 .2 km of roadway resurfaced and 1 .4km repaired.    Pointing out that some 1,200 residents of both the Beeston Spring and Left Hall districts will be direct beneficiaries, Ms Dillon commended the community for its contribution of over $2 .4 mil towards the project.last_img read more

Let Kids Grow Foundation To Honor Usher Nick Cannon And More

first_imgThe Let The Kids Grow Foundation will honor Tyler Perry, Dwight Howard, Usher, Kirstie Alley, Romeo Miller and Nick Cannon at their Black Tie Celebrity Dinner on December 1.The Let The Kids Grow Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop youth and their families through out-of-school time and family strengthening programs in their communities. Founder Percy Miller has discovered a way to help keep inner city youth off the streets away from drugs and gang violence by providing a safe haven for kids to express themselves with positive energy through music, film and dance. The foundation also offers an after-school program where the kids have access to academic support and guidance counseling.The organization promotes healthy relationships, provide valuable life experiences through performing arts, film, photography, field trips and strengthen families through activities that encourage family education and togetherness. Their goal is to help kids and their families break negative cycles, have the power of vision and to follow their dreams, giving youth a safe haven and the opportunity to grow and develop a positive future.Find out more about the event and charity here.Source:PRWeb.comlast_img read more

Mining Association says Nutrien layoffs part of systemic rail issue

first_imgCALGARY – Nutrien Inc.’s decision to lay off more than 1,000 employees at its potash operations is just the latest example of a wider problem with Canada’s rail system, says the Mining Association of Canada.The fertilizer giant said late Thursday it will temporarily lay off up to 1,300 workers at two of its potash mines in Saskatchewan due in part to transportation backlogs in the rail system and the possibility of a strike at Canadian Pacific Railway.The lost jobs and output shows more needs to be done to address shipping demands from the mining industry, said Brendan Marshall, vice president economic and northern affairs at the Mining Association of Canada.“There is a systemic imbalance in the rail freight market now and there has been for decades. We’re constantly seeing a repetition of the issues where railways with market power exploit that power at the expense of shippers and the Canadian economy.”The railways are bringing into question the reliability of Canada as a trade partner and costing jobs, said Marshall.“There’s a lot on the line on how Canada’s being perceived right now from a reliability standpoint. Are we a reliable trade partner for the customers and businesses that generate wealth in this country? And the recent breakdown has called that into question, just as it was called into question merely a few years ago.”The Mining Association of Canada was one of several organizations representing shippers who sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week urging the federal government to adopt amendments proposed to Bill C-49 that would give the Canadian Transportation Agency more power to address problems.“It would allow the agency to independently of its own volition assess and address problems or bottlenecks or issues in the supply chain before they fester and exacerbate,” said Marshall.Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe also pointed to rail issues and called on the federal government to act.“1,300 Saskatchewan people now temporarily out of work because sheds full of potash can’t get on rail to market,” Moe said Thursday on Twitter.“This is a direct result of the federal government not taking action where there is a huge problem, and they have clear authority to fix it.”Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau acknowledged the rail constraints and attributed it partly to a robust economy.“It’s one of the things that happens when the economy is firing on all cylinders and there is a large demand and I am speaking on a weekly basis with the railways and telling them they really have to do better,” he said in an interview.Garneau said the government has completed its study of the Senate amendments to C-49 that deal with interswitching and powers to alleviate backlogs, and has decided which ones the Liberals plan to support, meaning “it will not mean all of them.”Canadian National Railway said it had a tough January meeting orders from Nutrien but was able to move all orders in February and March, and it has taken on additional orders.Canadian Pacific Railway also responded to the layoffs.“CP continues to work closely with our potash customers, delivering record levels of potash exports in the first quarter,” CP spokesman Jeremy Berry said in an email.“We expect strong demand to continue through the remainder of the year and look forward to delivering for our customers.”Nutrien formed at the start of the year out of the merger of Potash Corp. and Agrium Inc.In February, Nutrien CEO Chuck Magro said the global market for potash looked strong with robust demand, but with more supply from competitors coming on-line this year the company would have to reassess the market as the year progresses.(Companies in this story: TSX:NTR, TSX:CP, TSX:CNR)last_img read more


first_imgAre spiders and ants friends or enemies? There are no friends and enemies in nature. There is predator and prey. Ants are sometimes predators of spiders and sometimes prey of other spider species. In a strange case , jumping spiders are eating by the large aggressive spitting spiders. The spitting spider can immobilize its prey by spitting on it from a distance. In the Philippines, it lives on the same large waxy leaves as the jumping spider. It normally spins its web right over the nest of the jumping spider, to make hunting just a little bit easier. However, the spitting spider does not come near a jumping spider when the latter positions its own nest near that of weaver ants. This is because the spitting spider is repelled by the airborne smell that these ants release. However, it’s not yet plain sailing for the jumping spider, as it is also a favorite snack of its savior, the weaver ant. Therefore jumping spiders build dense ant-proof nests of an unusually tough and dense weave that are difficult for the ants to tear open. The nest’s hinged flaps of silk at each end function as swinging doors. The spider quickly raises these when it enters or leaves the nest, before any ants can follow, too. Also Read – Feel what you fearSee how clever each species is! Are shrimp safe to eat? Many people think that an animal is safe to consume because it doesn’t kill them immediately or give them an infection in their stomach that lasts for a few days. For instance eating the meat of a cow/buffalo that has foot in mouth disease does give some humans an acne/chickenpox type condition and fever but it is so mild that no one relates the two. Likewise shrimp carry massive amounts of antibiotics (because that is what they have been bred with), heavy metals and PCBs which are the worst cancer giving chemicals that I can think of. These have long term effects – meaning your body can react even a year later. Also Read – HomecomingNow scientists have found that freshwater shrimps are sometimes affected by a parasite, Pleistophoramulleri, which makes the shrimp cannibalistic and far more voraciously hungry. Do you want that kind of parasite in you? There is evidence that parasites can affect human behaviour. A study led by Dr Glenn McConkey, of the University of Leeds Faculty of Biological Sciences, has shown that the parasite Toxoplasma gondii directly affects the chemistry of the human brain. I always say – first you eat meat, then it eats you.last_img read more

Zidane admits to not playing Bale for attitude problem

first_imgMadrid: With reports of Gareth Bale’s impending departure from Real Madrid continuing to gather steam, the Welshman spent ninety minutes of the last league match of the season for the Los Blancos on Sunday, a 0-2 defeat to Real Betis, on the bench. Speaking after the match, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane said he would not have brought Bale on even if his team had been allowed an added substitution. “It is true, I did not [give Bale a chance to say goodbye],” Zidane was quoted as saying by ESPN. “If I had another substitute to make, I would not have done anything different,” he said. While youngsters Vinicius Junior and Brahim Diaz were picked over Bale in the starting XI on Sunday, Lucas Vazquez and Marco Asensio were brought on in the second half. Bale and Toni Kroos continued to warm the bench throughout. As the final whistle blew, Bale headed straightaway towards the tunnel, not waiting for the rest of the Real Madrid team. Also Read – We will push hard for Kabaddi”s inclusion in 2024 Olympics: RijijuZidane said: “I have to look at the day-to-day, and make decisions. And when there is something I do not like, or does not fit for me, I must do what I think best. It might be difficult for the player.” “We cannot forget all he has done here, but I must live in the present, think of the future. We will see [if Bale continues]. I don’t know what will happen, truthfully,” he added. Sunday’s defeat brought to an end an unflattering domestic campaign for Real Madrid. The Spanish giants have finished the season on 68 points, 19 points behind champions Barcelona. “We must accept when things go badly. I am responsible for this. We had 11 games, we won five, lost four, and in the end that is what it is. At a club like Madrid, motivation is difficult when there is nothing to play for. This is not the first bad year in the history of this club,” Zidane said.last_img read more

Time Cover ThinlyVeiled Twitter Ad

first_imgWe’ve been covering the debate over ads on magazine covers (“The Great Cover Ad Debate”) at FOLIO: a lot lately. So far, we’ve limited the debate to magazines—fairly openly and brazenly—putting ads on their covers.But what about magazines whose covers—while editorial by nature—look like an ad?Take Time’s June 15 issue. The cover touts a somewhat generic mobile phone (it looks like an iPhone) with a Twitter update by the issue’s cover story author, Steven Johnson, reading: “I’ve written this week’s TIME cover story about how Twitter is changing the way we live—and showing us the future of innovation. Buy a copy!” Is this low-cost design an effective way to promote the issue’s cover story on Twitter? An odd effort to make their cover look like a Twitter ad? Or something else?Leave your comments below.last_img read more