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€128M broadband investment to connect 32,000 Donegal homes and businesses

first_imgDonegal Minister Joe McHugh has said the 12 rural spots to host special new hubs for broadband across the county will be a game changer.The Minister for Education and Skills revealed the locations after a Cabinet meeting where his Government colleague and Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Energy Richard Bruton got sign-off on the National Broadband Plan.Minister McHugh said: “High speed Internet in rural areas is investing in people and communities for the future. “It will help people work from home, access services and generally make lives easier.”The National Broadband Plan kicks off in the new year with work to connect fibre optic cables to broadband connection points in community settings such as GAA clubs, community centres and public libraries. The community hubs will all be connected by the end of next year.In Donegal about €128m is being invested to connect 32,130 homes, farms and businesses thanks to the National Broadband Plan.Minister McHugh said: “Twelve of the special hubs are in Donegal. They will give people in rural areas access to free broadband while they await a high-speed connection to their own home or business. “They will make a tremendous difference to life in rural Donegal – in homes, schools, businesses and farms and in healthcare and other day to day services. They are a real signal of intent by this Government to support and sustain rural life and to help communities thrive.”The 12 locations in Donegal for the special rural broadband hubs are:* Carnowen Presbyterian Hall, Raphoe* Cranford Coole Community Centre, Cranford* Dunree Military Museum, Fort Dunree, Buncrana* Glenveagh National Park* Leghowney Community Centre* Malin Head* Meenreagh Hostel, Killygordon* Rathlin Knitwear, Glenn Cholm Cille* Ray Athletics Club, Ray, Milford* Amharchlann Ghaoth Dobhair* Comharchumann Oileán Thorai* Westbic, Ballymoon, KilcarMinister McHugh said: “The National Broadband Plan is an investment for the future. In the coming years small and rural schools up and down the county will see a massive difference. It will allow teachers access to materials and information in a way that was not possible before.“And I am using this hugely important decision by Government to call on multinationals, tech companies and other employers in big cities and urban areas to start planning now for bases in the regions. “This is a once in a generation opportunity to bring new industry and enterprise to Donegal over the next five years, to complement the hugely successful homegrown industries and fin-tech services that are employing thousands. And they can do this with the knowledge of first class, fibre optic, futureproofed broadband.Minister McHugh added: “When you break it down into the 300 areas where the Government is stepping in to invest in high speed internet, the reality is that it’s hugely beneficial and a solid investment in communities of the future.“It is a good deal for rural Ireland. It’s a powerful investment for the next generation and generations to come. It’s going to be life changing, just like rural electrification. And it’s going to provide new opportunities for people living and working outside our main towns and villages.“It’s quite simply a game changer for rural Ireland and I am proud to be part of the Government that’s delivering it. “People will see the difference that it’s making when they begin to see the hubs opening and they begin to use the high speed broadband. And that will happen in the coming months.”€128M broadband investment to connect 32,000 Donegal homes and businesses was last modified: November 22nd, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalinvestmentroadbandlast_img read more

Norwich v QPR line-ups: Duo start, youngsters on bench, Norwich man out

first_imgJack Robinson and Michael Doughty have been given starting places for QPR’s final game of the season, while youngster Josh Bowler is on the substitutes’ bench.Reece Grego-Cox is also on the bench and is expected to be involved at some stage.Norwich, meanwhile, are without forward Steven Naismith, who is suspended after being sent off against Leeds.Norwich: Ruddy; Pinto, Martin, Klose, Dijks; Dorrans, Howson; Hoolahan, Pritchard, Jo. Murphy; Oliveira.Subs: McGovern, Jerome, Wildschut, Ja. Murphy, Tettey, Maddison, Godfrey.QPR: Smithies, Perch, Onuoha, Lynch, Robinson, Wszolek, Luongo, Doughty, Manning, Washington, Smith.Subs: Ingram, Grego-Cox, Freeman, Goss, Petrasso, Bowler, Furlong.   Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x Do This Immediately if You Have Diabetes (Watch) x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Bat Designs Tainted by Batty Evolution Stories

first_imgBat used in the experiments. Credit: MITNow engineers at MIT have found that, for bats and other hairy-tongued nectar feeders, the key to drinking efficiently lies in a delicate balance between the spacing of hairs on the tongue, the thickness of the fluid, and the “speed of retraction,” or how fast an animal darts its tongue back to slurp up the nectar. When all three of these parameters are in balance, a good amount of nectar reaches the animal’s mouth instead of dribbling away.Given this information about engineering design, and how optimal it is, does MIT help readers by relaying the following story? “Animals have evolved all manner of adaptations to get the nutrients they need.” It makes even less sense to say that when the animal had no choice in designing its tongue:“They all lie close to the theoretical optimal,” Nasto says. “They have evolved to be good drinkers. And if you think about it, humans can use tools for drinking and other behaviors. But a lot of other animals have to have their tools built into their physiology.”More Engineering Than First HeardAnother species of bat gained respect in recent experimental science. The Egyptian fruit bat, a heavier bat than the nectar-eating bat studied by MIT, lives in trees instead of caves. Because it emits simple tongue clicks instead of vocal squeaks, and because it has large eyes to see during daylight, scientists had thought its echolocation abilities were more primitive than those of microbats. Wrong; scientists at the University of Washington have found that its “echolocation may work like sophisticated surveillance sonar,” according to Phys.org. (Note: the [T] indicates a tontology.)“Before people thought [T] that this bat was not really good at echolocation, and just made these simple clicks,” said lead author Wu-Jung Lee, a researcher at the UW’s Applied Physics Laboratory. “But this bat species is actually very special—it may be using a similar technique that engineers have perfected for sensing remotely.“Using high-speed cameras and head modeling, the researchers found that the high-frequency clicks are off center from lower frequency clicks. This makes its echolocation more like that of dolphins which, as the Illustra film Living Waters shows, is highly sophisticated (see the Dolphin Echolocation segment). The trick bats use to gain more information from the echoes is similar to what sonar and radar engineers do.Lee recognized the pattern as a common one in radar and sonar surveillance systems. Invented in the early 20th century and now used throughout civil and military applications, airplanes, ships and submarines emit pulses of radio waves in the air, or sound underwater, and then analyze the returning waves to detect objects or hazards. While a simple single-frequency sonar has a tradeoff between the angular coverage and image sharpness, a “frequency-scanning sonar” solves this problem by pointing different frequencies of sound at slightly different angles to get fine-grained acoustic images over a large area.Lee wondered if the bats use the frequency-scanning technique. Using high-speed cameras and acoustical equipment in a “bat lab” at Johns Hopkins University, Lee confirmed that “different frequencies point in different directions—just as a frequency-scanning sonar would act.” But then she said something illogical:“For me, what’s exciting is the idea that you almost have a convergence between a system that was evolved, and the effects are very similar to what we have invented as humans,” Lee said. “This is not the classic case where we learn from nature—we found out that the bat may be doing the same thing as a system we invented many years ago.”Surely she knows that bats used frequency-scanning sonar long, long before humans thought of it. And again, how helpful is it to be told this was an “evolutionary solution” that “was evolved”? Did she get that information from her bat lab, or from BAD assumptions? The paper at PLoS Biology actually has little to say about evolution, other than futureware: “other genera of the same family may provide insights into the evolution of lingual echolocation.” It sppears that speculation about evolution was tacked onto the science after the facts were in.Does Bat Freeloading Endorse Communism?It may be rare to find the word ‘scrounge‘ in a scientific paper, but evolutionists at Tel Aviv University used it often to describe these same fruit bats. In their paper in Science Advances, the open-access journal of the AAAS, they think some bats are scroungy characters. To “scrounge” means to borrow without any intention of returning it. Egyptian fruit bats live in trees in colonies of tens of thousands of individuals or more, building relationships for over a decade. In their attempt to understand the social relationships of these bats, the evolutionists set out some fruit in bowls to see how the bats behaved. The majority were “producers” who hunted for fruit and flew back to the roost with it. A minority, however, were “scroungers” who stole it from the mouths of the producers. The scroungers tended to act more wary at the bowls, holding their heads higher, looking around, and not taking as much of the fruit. They also tended to scrounge from the same limited number of individuals. Female bats tended to work more on producing during lactation periods. That’s the extent of the empirical observations.What’s the take-home message of this apparently persistent relationship of producers and scroungers? Does it provide useful information about the ‘evolution’ of sociality in other mammals—even in humans? First of all, the astute reader should notice drawbacks in the materials and methods. Putting out fruit in a bowl is a highly artificial situation. The scientists knew they could not easily observe the bats in their natural roosts, hidden as they are by dense foliage, so they studied artificial habitats with highly reduced populations. Nevertheless, they claim they observed more than 13,000 social interactions – enough, they believe, to draw generalizations about wild-type behavior:What is known about scrounging outdoors? It is hard to observe the bats’ behavior within the thick foliage, but we have witnessed scrounging many times in the wild when a bat returns to its colony with a piece of fruit in its mouth and is approached by individuals trying to scrounge the food. We do not have data on persistent producer-scrounger ties outdoors. However, an inspection of 24 scrounging attempts on bats that returned from foraging with food in their mouth to a wild monitored colony revealed two scroungers that scrounged at least four times on different nights and four additional scroungers that scrounged at least twice on different nights (movie S1).That’s a pretty small sample to describe millions of animals that have lived for thousands of years without the watching eyes of modern scientists. Even giving the researchers the benefit of the doubt, however, generalizations about the “evolution of sociality” from this experiment and the use of “game” theory to describe it go too far beyond the data. They cannot be sure that the same behaviors hold true in nature in the dark of night, at all seasons of the year, throughout the vast range of the bats. They also do not know what other factors enter the equation: relatedness, sex, communication, microbiota transfer, and factors not even thought of. The researchers acknowledge that many questions remain about not just bats, but Egyptian fruit bats.Most importantly, such observations cannot in any way advise humans on economics or political science, because humans have the power to think, reason, and choose. No one should assume that this paper tells people that a society of scroungers produces a stable economy. The 20th century should already provide ample data to conclude that “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” and other redistributionist strategies are unstable and eventually collapse, leaving incalculable suffering in their wake.Humans are not bats. We observe bats, but we do not see them putting us in a ‘human lab’ at the Bat Institute of Technology. The differences are too profound to generalize about human behavior from observing bats. Beware the evolutionists who try to apply “the evolution of sociality” into political systems.We have some similarities with the bat colony, though. There are many humans who take things without any intent of returning them. We see this most clearly among Darwinians. They scrounge theological premises, such as the laws of logic, parts of morality and rationality – things they could never produce on their own – then gulp it down, breaking it apart with Darwin acid, reassembling it, and extruding it out the terminus of their philosophical convolutions as Darwin Fudge. Biology teachers and secular reporters scrounge for this toxic substance and think they are doing their duty as recyclers. The founders of science were producers, not scroungy characters scrounging other people’s good fruits and making garbage out of it.Real science shows these amazing mammals batting close to a thousand. That’s the message from the data. (Visited 484 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 When learning about well-designed flyers like bats, is it helpful to speculate about how Darwinian evolution invented the traits by chance?Drink Up, BoysIn previous news, we learned how dogs drink using “acceleration-driven open pumping” (15 Dec 2015). There’s a method in that mad slurping: to lift water from the bowl, your dog employs some elegant engineering to “to deal with the physical challenge of crossing fluidic regimes.” Bats have a similar, but contrasting challenge: they need to lift nectar, which is more viscous than water, while hovering over a flower. Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to figure out how they do it. They noticed that tiny hairs on their tongues are efficient at lapping up nectar and preventing it from draining away down the tongue, explains Phys.org. They experimented with artificial hairs on surfaces to model the factors governing the efficiency of the process.last_img read more

S-noilite 3/4 Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions Ombre One Piece 2 Tones Wavy : ???????

first_imgOverall okay, but the colour is not really auburn, also the hair tangles very easily and it is almost impossible to untangle. Doesnt look very fake but it could be better than that. The color its not dark brown it`s natural black. Which is very dark and it wasnt in my plan to dye my hair black. The texture is okay, doesnt look very fake but it could be better than that. I wish the color looked like in photos, the blonde color is okay same like in photos but the brown is actually natural black to be honest, so be careful girls what you wish. ???????. Very good colour as show in picture perfect☺☺☺☺☺. For the price and the fact they are synthetic i’d say these are pretty good. If your hair isn’t particularly long already i would recommend getting two packs for a more natural effect. The clips seems quality and the hair is really easy to brush out (i used a tangle teaser) and doesn’t seem to moult too much. Good value for money!???????doesnt look very fake but it could be better than thatS-noilite 3/4 Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions Ombre One Piece 2 Tones Wavy (Dark Brown to Sandy Blonde)Long, smooth, natural, thickLength: 23″(58cm), Width: 9.5″(24cm), Weight:145gColor: Dark Brown to Sandy Blonde,One piece with 5 clips,easy to attach. Harmless To HairCan be washed but can NOT be curled or dyedPerfect for weddings, parties and gifts, 2 pcs are recommended if you want a full head SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2017-10-12 10:53:25Reviewed Item S-noilite 3/4 Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions Ombre One Piece 2 Tones Wavy (Dark Brown to Sandy Blonde)Rating 5.0 / 5  stars, based on  12  reviewsPrice£5.67 ???????. Very good colour as show in picture perfect☺☺☺☺☺. Was perfect for a one night occasion but would be to heavy to wear regularly. For the price and the fact they are synthetic i’d say these are pretty good. If your hair isn’t particularly long already i would recommend getting two packs for a more natural effect. The clips seems quality and the hair is really easy to brush out (i used a tangle teaser) and doesn’t seem to moult too much. I used them for fancy dress, however they would be perfect for any occasion. Overall okay, but the colour is not really auburn, also the hair tangles very easily and it is almost impossible to untangle. I used them for fancy dress, however they would be perfect for any occasion. Was perfect for a one night occasion but would be to heavy to wear regularly. Doesnt look very fake but it could be better than that. The color its not dark brown it`s natural black. Which is very dark and it wasnt in my plan to dye my hair black. The texture is okay, doesnt look very fake but it could be better than that. I wish the color looked like in photos, the blonde color is okay same like in photos but the brown is actually natural black to be honest, so be careful girls what you wish. last_img

“Kayak Geocaching” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

first_img SharePrint Related”Scuba Geocaching” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found VideoOctober 5, 2010In “Community””Accessible Geocaching” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found VideoNovember 9, 2010In “Lost & Found Stories””Night Caching” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found VideoNovember 23, 2010In “Community” It’s not always your feet that do the work of taking you to a geocache.  Sometimes geocachers paddle a kayak or canoe through pristine waters to hunt down a cache. Follow geocacher Claire Delavigne, known by the geocaching name Planet. She navigates through a Connecticut nature preserve and combines kayaking and geocaching. True to the world of geocaching, her adventure doesn’t go as planned.Explore even more geocaching adventures in the Geocaching.com Lost & Found video gallery.  You can go along on a heart racing five terrain/five difficulty geocache, see the geocache on the International Space Station or find out why a U.S. Army bomb disposal technician says geocaching kept him safer in Iraq.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Skype Gets Group Video Chat

first_imgmike melanson Tags:#news#Video Services#web Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Skype, one of the Web’s most popular video chat clients, announced today that its newest version will include a new group chat feature that will allow up to five people to video chat with each other at once.The feature is going to be part of a new set of premium features Skype is rolling out in 2010 that have a yet undetermined price.The new feature is available for preview in a trial of the new version of Skype, but the company warns that users should “be aware that group video calling is currently in ‘beta’ – this means that there might be a few rough edges, and that it might not work perfectly every time.”While we were first excited about the feature, as more than 21 million people are using Skype as we type, the mention of money of course tempered our reaction. Where at first, we imagined teenage users going ga-ga over the ability to group chat, we immediately remembered the free video group chat service Tiny Chat. Tiny Chat allows more control over chat rooms and up to 400 participants with 12 live audio video streams per room. The new Skype feature, on the other hand, will support up to five video streams at a time.To get the new Skype group video chat running, simply follow the company’s directions:To make group video calls, the people you’re calling will also need to be running the new version, so make sure you let your friends and family know they can also download the beta by posting this on Facebook and Twitter. Once you’re all set up, it’s easy to start a group call – just use the Add button to invite people into the conversation, and click the Video Call button.The feature is currently only available for PC, but a version for Mac is soon on the way. And while we don’t see this catching fire among the teenagers, the families and business types that already use it for other functions will likely find this a useful feature – but will they pay for it?center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

10 months agoSevilla make Man Utd defender Bailly number one target

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your say Sevilla make Man Utd defender Bailly number one targetby Ansser Sadiq10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveSevilla are chasing Manchester United defender Eric Bailly.The Ivory Coast international has struggled to find form and regular game time this season.He was sent off in his most recent appearance at home against Bournemouth.And Marca reports he is wanted by Sevilla.Their boss Pablo Manchin sees him as the man to bolster the team’s back line.Ivan Marcano, Diego Carlos and Fernando Calero are possible backups should United refuse to sell. last_img

14 days agoNorwich defender Klose provides positive injury update

first_imgNorwich defender Klose provides positive injury updateby Freddie Taylor14 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveTimm Klose has provided a positive update for Norwich City supporters.The German says he is recovering well from a knee injury sustained in late August.”It feels very good,” Klose said. “I don’t want to fool anyone here, it’s still going to be a long recovery time but I am not too sure how long it is going to take, it would be wrong for me to say anything about the timeline or to give hope to the fans.”That’s why I’m going day by day and hoping for the best.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Let Kids Grow Foundation To Honor Usher Nick Cannon And More

first_imgThe Let The Kids Grow Foundation will honor Tyler Perry, Dwight Howard, Usher, Kirstie Alley, Romeo Miller and Nick Cannon at their Black Tie Celebrity Dinner on December 1.The Let The Kids Grow Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop youth and their families through out-of-school time and family strengthening programs in their communities. Founder Percy Miller has discovered a way to help keep inner city youth off the streets away from drugs and gang violence by providing a safe haven for kids to express themselves with positive energy through music, film and dance. The foundation also offers an after-school program where the kids have access to academic support and guidance counseling.The organization promotes healthy relationships, provide valuable life experiences through performing arts, film, photography, field trips and strengthen families through activities that encourage family education and togetherness. Their goal is to help kids and their families break negative cycles, have the power of vision and to follow their dreams, giving youth a safe haven and the opportunity to grow and develop a positive future.Find out more about the event and charity here.Source:PRWeb.comlast_img read more

Trump commerce secretary says new study proves need for NAFTA changes

first_imgWith the next round of NAFTA negotiations set to begin in Ottawa, U.S. President Donald Trump’s commerce secretary says a new study proves the need for tougher rules on auto-parts imports in the continental trade agreement.Wilbur Ross, says a study from his department to be released Friday shows American content dropped six per cent in Canadian auto imports, and 10 per cent in Mexican imports, from 1995, the year after NAFTA was enacted, through 2011.Ross wrote in an op-ed in The Washington Post that the majority of this shifted imports away from North America, to continents not subject to the three-country trade agreement, in an apparent reference to growing purchases from Asia.Ross wrote that this demonstrates the need to toughen the rules under NAFTA to increase how much content must come from within this continent to avoid tariffs.“We cannot forget that the point of a free-trade agreement is to advantage those within the agreement — not to help outsiders,” Ross writes.“Instead, NAFTA has provided entry into a bigger market for outside countries, and the United States is paying the price. While NAFTA has achieved its goal of increasing three-way trade in absolute terms, American workers and businesses are not benefiting in a way that is fair and reciprocal.”The current NAFTA requires that most vehicles contain 62.5 per cent North American content to avoid a tariff. The Trump administration is pushing for a higher threshold, perhaps beyond 70 per cent, and it has also hinted at a possible goal of insisting on a certain percentage of American-made content, a nation-specific carve-out that does not exist in the current agreement.Automakers have also been able to skirt the existing 62.5 per cent content requirement by including modern electronics that did not exist among the categories of parts that were defined when the initial NAFTA went into effect in 1994.“If we don’t fix the rules of origin, negotiations on the rest of the agreement will fail to meaningfully shift the trade imbalance,” Ross writes.“Our nation’s ballooning trade deficit has gutted American manufacturing, killed jobs and sapped our wealth. That is going to change under President Trump, and rules of origin are just the beginning.”Numerous auto parts makers have warned against tinkering too much with the rules.They say that some of these components simply are not produced in North America, and that too-stringent rules will only induce producers to leave the continent entirely, shift production to Asia, and just pay the tariffs.The third round of NAFTA negotiations is about to start in Ottawa, and the fourth round will be held early next month in Washington.U.S. negotiators have hinted at their overall goal of more domestic content but have not provided specific details of their demands. Those details are expected to be put forward in the upcoming negotiating rounds.last_img read more