In the New Twin Peaks Teaser See Everyone Again After 25 Years

first_imgStay on target The new series of Twin Peaks is happening for real, and Showtime put out this teaser to prove it. In it, we get our first look at many of our favorite characters from the original series. It’s not much, but it’s cool enough to get us excited for the premiere later this month. If anything it nails the atmosphere. From the very beginning it feels like something’s off, which was pretty much the default state in the original series.I love how understated this trailer is. All we get is shots of Big Ed, Sarah Palmer, Deputy Andy, and Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill. And Dale Cooper, of course, but we’ve seen Kyle MacLachlan so much over the years, we know what he looks like now. As for dialog, there’s only one word. Hawk saying “really.” We have no idea what that means, and that’s entirely the point. The whole teaser feels like a half-remembered dream, which is exactly the atmosphere of the original series at its best.There’s still no word on what the plot of this show will be. It has to take place 25 years later, but will it follow directly from where the original series left off? Is that Dale Cooper or is it his Black Lodge doppelganger? Is Bob still inside him? If that’s the case, what has he been doing for 25 years?For once, I’m excited to know this little about an upcoming TV show’s plot. The mystery was always the most compelling part of the original Twin Peaks, and so far, it looks like Showtime is treating that aspect of the new series with the utmost importance. Hopefully this time, David Lynch won’t be forced to reveal answers before he’s ready.Whatever this new series is about, we don’t have too much longer until we find out. Twin Peaks will premiere on Showtime on May 21, 2017. Give Some Damn Fine Gifts With This Twin Peaks Gift GuideT-Shirt Tuesday: Best Twin Peaks Shirts last_img

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