first_imgThere are so many versions of some of our favorite characters. Artist interpretations have them getting drawn differently. Dozens of actors can play a character over the course of history. As we continue to make media, there will only be more.So can you say “Sherlock Holmes looks like Benedict Cumberbatch” when he also looks like Christopher Lee and Robert Downey, Jr.?The people over at have solved that conundrum by just taking every actor who’s ever played some iconic characters and just combining them. The images, created with photo manipulation software, give us what should be the ultimate versions of characters like Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Clark Kent, and many others.Technically these characters can look like whatever you want, and you can choose whichever version you identify with the most. However, the experiment reveals a few things. For one, apparently, every actor who’s played a white, male superhero looks the same since Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Bruce Banner all look like they’re played by the same chiseled, big-jawed actor.Second, Frank Castle looks like Jamie Lannister. Why does he look like that?Finally, why does Sherlock Holmes look like Dustin Hoffman? Additionally, why has Dustin Hoffman never played Sherlock Holmes?You can view the results below.The creator said the composites were created by identifying important facial features such as eyes, mouth, ears, and hairline, and lining them up. The software would then take the averages from each actor and make the culminating version.But what is the point of this? Well, it’s a fun thought experiment, for one. But I like more how revealing it is about how people choose actors for parts. It’s unsurprising that most of the people who have played these parts are white. It’s jarring to see them lined up, though, highlighting how it’s not just white people cast in these roles, but how they all look the same. The only difference comes in cases like Sherlock Holmes, who’s had people who look as different as Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch taking up the part. Although to be fair, Cumberbatch’s cheekbones might throw everything off.But regarding the big four in the beginning, since they all look the same, I know that I can continue making up people in my head to play them. Maybe somebody who doesn’t look as generic as white man with big chin and defined cheekbones.last_img