February 2021

How VCE Delivers Seamless Support

first_imgIn today’s complex computing environments, IT is responsible for building and maintaining an infrastructure that will keep organizations running smoothly. However, when things go awry for IT shops, navigating through multiple customer support groups can create an even bigger headache—particularly for customers that use traditional or reference architectures with components from multiple vendors.Learn about VCE’s Core, Plus and Premier Support programs.Since the beginning, VCE’s goal has been to make things simple for our customers. We provide pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-validated converged infrastructure systems that can be quickly deployed, easily distributed and counted on to increase the predictability and timeliness of IT projects.We take this same approach to customer support.Every minute of downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost productivity. And for IT managers dealing with components from multiple vendors and coordinating them when support is needed can become a logistical nightmare. At VCE, we provide our customers with a single point of support to simplify the troubleshooting and resolution process. By combining a fully tested multi-vendor system with a specialized team using an interconnected backend support CRM, we can easily navigate issues affecting the Vblock System, no matter which component causes the problem. While this process sounds simple enough, we work hard behind the scenes to create a seamless experience for our customers. VCE brings together best-in-class components from Cisco, EMC and VMware—which means we have expertise in every component of the Vblock System so we can support it as a single product, in a single support call. We train our support staff to know the Vblock System inside and out and test each product extensively before deployment to keep many potential issues from ever happening at all. We also maintain teams of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that specialize in individual Vblock System components and work together to resolve more complex issues. This gives us a powerful advantage, enabling us to resolve 90 percent of all support calls without the need to escalate to Cisco, EMC or VMware. More importantly, it also means better and faster support for our customers when they need us most.“Watch my video below to learn more about my team and find out how we provide comprehensive and accountable technical support.Sharelast_img read more

Escaping Security’s Dark Ages

first_imgWe are living in the Dark Ages of security.  We cling to outmoded world views and rely on tools and tactics from the past, and yet we are surprised to find ourselves living in an era of chaos and violence.  We must cast off the past and enter an Age of Enlightenment by pursuing greater visibility into and understanding of our digital world.This keynote was originally delivered at RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco, CA, USA.last_img

Start Small and Grow with EHC on VxRail

first_imgToday, Dell EMC VxRail Appliance is celebrating its first anniversary in the market. Since the initial launch, we’ve sold 8,000 VxRail nodes to customers in 78 countries. This makes VxRail the industry’s most rapidly adopted hyper-converged infrastructure appliance.I’m pleased to announce that Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is now available on VxRail.  That’s right.  Our industry leading, turnkey hybrid cloud platform is now available on the only HCI appliance jointly developed with VMware and specifically optimized for VMware environments.Why is this significant?  Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail expands our market opportunity by providing an on-premises, turnkey solution for hybrid cloud deployments at price points that work for the mid-market. It is our mid-market customer’s fastest path to a hybrid cloud solution based on the VMware Software-Defined Datacenter, allowing them to start small and grow.  It is built on a foundation of VMware Validated Designs to ensure the best and most consistent experience when using the VMware SDDC components.  Our partners, who will play a critical role in expanding our reach in the mid-market, will benefit from a new, automated installation process that reduces the time and cost of delivery.  A new subscription-based support model includes all professional services to support an annual upgrade. This makes it easy for our customers to take advantage of the latest enhancements to the vRealize Suite and the VMware stack, by building the cost of professional services into their annual contract.Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail further extends the value of the VMware SDDC by offering a rich set of workflows such as backup, encryption and database-as-a-service plus integrations with applications from industry leading suppliers like Pivotal, Puppet, and Servicenow. It is built and sustained as one hardware and software stack, with full version control to simplify life cycle management. It reduces our customers’ support burden by offering one-call support for the entire hardware-software stack.Enterprise Hybrid Cloud has established a strong track record of helping enterprises transform IT operations by automating delivery of IT services through an on-demand self-service catalog. What’s more, we help them deliver a platform to automate the delivery of these services in half the time it would take to build their own solution. We are now extending these same proven benefits to mid-market customers.Individually, VxRail and Enterprise Hybrid Cloud offer excellent customer value. Together, their story is even more compelling.  It’s a real example of how the capabilities of Dell Technologies truly do work better together.Learn more about the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and how it can help your organization.last_img read more

Think You Need Different Systems for AI, Data Analytics and HPC? Think Again

first_imgWith the new Dell EMC HPC Ready Architecture for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, you can now run AI, data analytics and HPC workloads on a single system.In today’s marketplaces, competitive advantage increasingly goes to the data‑driven enterprise. This is particularly true for those enterprises that are ready to seize the day — and capitalize on the convergence of artificial intelligence, data analytics and high performance computing.The time is ripe for this convergence, thanks to some amazing advances in HPC systems and the applications that can run on them. As HPC clusters become smaller, simpler, and less costly to deploy and operate, enterprise IT teams can use HPC to provide the throughput and capacity they need to accelerate AI, data analytics and other compute-hungry enterprise workloads, like modeling and simulation.If your organization is on this path, you’re headed in a great direction. When you converge AI, data analytics and HPC on a single system, you gain the horsepower you need to run high‑performance data analytics, simulation, boost high‑frequency trading, help with drug trials, enhance risk analysis, improve fraud detection, collect and analyze data from the Internet of Things, and accelerate motion picture animation and special effects cycles — just to name a few of the opportunities that come with convergence.And this brings us to the news of the day — the launch of the new Dell EMC HPC Ready Architecture for AI and Data Analytics.One system for AI, data analytics and HPCIf you’re in an IT shop, you know that system configuration can be a complex task, requiring a delicate balance among workload requirements, performance targets, data center constraints and your IT budget. With the new HPC Ready Architecture for AI and Data Analytics, you’re home free when it comes to these challenges. Engineers from Dell Technologies have done the heavy lifting for you, so you can confidently and quickly deploy one system for AI, data analytics and HPC workloads.Like all the other Dell EMC HPC Ready Architectures, this new offering is designed by expert engineering teams to simplify system configuration, deployment and management. The HPC Ready Architecture for AI and Data Analytics has been optimized, tested and tuned for a variety of applications on the Kubernetes stack, with ongoing testing and validation to expand the list of validated options.Flexible workload management enables dynamic movement of jobs between Slurm and Kubernetes based on user demand, with a scalable shared filesystem to support both. Bright Cluster Manager provides a single‑pane‑of‑glass management experience for Dell EMC hardware, Slurm and Kubernetes. The solution includes a set of Ansible and Terraform playbooks for those who like to build via open source tools.This is a package, not a single point-product. The HPC Ready Architecture for AI and Data Analytics comes with a best-practices guide and toolkit to help you go from a factory‑installed operating system to a full Kubernetes cluster with a repository on GitHub. And with Bright Cluster Manager software, system admins can quickly get clusters up and running and keep them running reliably throughout their lifecycles.Great ROIThere is even a return-on-investment (ROI) side of this story. A detailed total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis by Dell Technologies showed that the ability to run multiple workloads on a single infrastructure lowers the cost for hardware, software and maintenance, while providing additional savings from reduced power and cooling costs. This comparative analysis demonstrated that with a converged solution, system users can get faster access to more comprehensive datasets, while IT teams can reduce silos and consolidate operations for up to 3x lower TCO. With this new HPC Ready Architecture, you can now run AI, data analytics and traditional HPC workloads on the same system — simplifying deployment and management while keeping your costs low.To learn moreFor a closer look at the new HPC Ready Architecture for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, explore Dell EMC PowerEdge Reference Architectures. Learn more about the Dell Technologies HPC/AI portfolio at Delltechnologies.com/hpc.last_img read more

Minneapolis councilors float new plan for police department

first_imgMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Three Minneapolis City Council members have proposed a plan to keep police officers in the city but remove a requirement that calls for a minimum number. Phillipe Cunningham, Steve Fletcher and Jeremy Schroeder were part of a group of council members who last year pledged to dismantle the police department following George Floyd’s death. The city’s Charter Commission blocked that attempt to create change. The new proposal calls for the city to replace its police department with a new Department of Public Safety that would include police officers and other divisions to take a more “comprehensive approach to public safety.”last_img

Under the sea, humans have changed ocean sounds

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — Not only are humans changing the surface and temperature of the planet, but also its sounds – and those shifts are detectable even in the open ocean. Changes in the volume and variety of underwater noises affect wide swaths of marine life – from tiny snapping shrimp to huge right whales. Increased noise from shipping traffic, underwater oil and gas exploration and offshore construction is making it harder for fish to hear each other and find suitable locations to feed and breed. The research was reported Thursday in the journal Science.last_img

ICC clears way for war crimes probe of Israeli actions

first_imgJERUSALEM (AP) — The International Criminal Court says its jurisdiction extends to territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war. That clears the way for its chief prosecutor to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions. The ICC’s chief prosecutor has said there is a “reasonable basis” to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip and Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank. But she had asked the court determine whether she has territorial jurisdiction before proceeding. The Palestinians, who joined the court in 2015, have pushed for criminal investigations. Israel, which is not a member of the ICC, has said the court has no jurisdiction.last_img